Coaching packages

Whatever situation you find yourself in, we have a package
to meet your needs. Let us help you get the breakthrough you need.


We tailor all our coaching to your individual and business needs. These are examples of the type of package we can offer.

Targeted packages

Ideal for people wanting to try coaching, or for a specific need, for example a first time Director or new external appointee. These packages consist of three half day face to face coaching sessions over a 1-2 month period. The package includes preparation and follow up, appropriate coaching tools and coaching time. Results will be relatively quick, but are likely to be focussed on one specific aspect, often a short term need or event, rather than broader development needs.

Standard packages

The standard coaching package focuses on more general development and skills improvement and consists of six half day face to face coaching sessions over 3-6 months. Packages include design, preparation and follow up time, appropriate coaching tools used, coaching time and weekly telephone support. These packages are designed for executives who want a more rounded approach to their development and want to see sustainable changes in performance for the longer term.

Executive packages

The most extensive of our coaching packages, this is aimed at Board level Directors who are looking for longer term coaching and development across a range of business and competency issues. The support is extensive and coaches will work with the coach over a longer period to drive more significant issues of behavioural change, career movement and business challenges. The package consists of 12 half day face to face sessions over a full year and includes design, preparation and follow up time, appropriate coaching and assessment tools as required, management review of needs and progress, access to development material, coaching time and unlimited telephone support for duration of programme.


  • "I wouldn't be where I am now without this support and guidance."
  • Toptips!
  • Sustaining

  • Make sure activities are handed over to the right people once things move from project to business as usual.
    Always go back and check results after the initial excitement of a project has died down.
    Keep tracking measures of success on a long term basis.
    Be prepared to stop things - don't just keep layering more things on top.
    Always have an idea of what's coming next so things don't just drift away.
    Don't get precious about things that have been done - if they are not right for the future be prepared to change again.
    Never take success for granted - celebrate what you achieve.
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