Often external support focuses on one aspect but, because this is done in isolation, the results quickly fall down.


In the current business environment everyone needs some extra support. We can help you in all sorts of different ways to make a step change in your business results...

Meeting your needs

Do you need to:

  • Get more with less?
  • Increase sales and profit?
  • Build your long term capability?
  • Break out of the cycle of repeat activities over and over?
  • Win new clients and customers?
  • Take your business through a period of significant change and refocus?
  • Balance the demands of "business as usual" with development and step change?

Our services

At Ignition Key, we believe that to deliver the best results, you need to take a holistic approach to change and improvements. All too often external support and consultants give great input to a particular segment, but because this is done in isolation the results quickly fall down. Our unique mix of services is tailored to each organisation, but the type of things we get involved in might include:

  • Commercial and profit improvement programmes
  • Board strategy facilitation or gap analysis
  • Business drivers identification and assesment
  • Exec team coaching and development
  • Change management programmes
  • Building execution skills within your business
  • Project "sponsorship" and maintenance
  • Toolkit development to support the best new ideas

Our full range of services is built around an end to end approach, covering the following areas. Click on each cog for more detail.

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We know that some clients will not need all these services and may want to look at specific areas only. Whatever your needs, we can make sure that the pieces are always connected with those areas that are already working well for you.

We also offer stand alone executive coaching programmes.

Next Step

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  • Toptips!
  • Execution

  • Ideas alone won't help your business - make sure they get delivered too.
    Find some ways to deliver some quick wins, so you get some momentum going for the changes you need.
    Constantly find out what's standing in the way of people delivering quicker.
    Be absolutely clear on who is responsible for doing what, but make sure they also see the whole picture.
    Prioritise ruthlessly to keep the focus on the right things.
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